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Mar 18, 2013 9:00am EDT
in the show. >> let us bring in charlie and director of research with ariel investments as well as gary thayer, chief macro strategist with wells fargo advisers. gary, first to you. does this change your overall view on the u.s. stock market? >> no, it doesn't really. we've seen a lot of bad news out of europe over the past couple of years and despite these periods where we get the bad news our economy is holding up very well in that period, and i think investors here in the u.s. who assume the worst-case scenarios because of what they've heard in europe haven't really been rewarded and instead it's been better to focus what good is happening here rather than the bad things that are happening in europe. >> you know, charlie, we look at banks and we're talking about the big ones in cypress and bank of cyprus popular and what about the fear for the bigger banks in europe? is there a risk to deutsche bank? is there a fear, really that all of a sudden the eu will impose these kinds of restrictions and taxes on the european banks in your mind? >> probably not, i'm russian, by the view, and we've al
Mar 15, 2013 9:00am EDT
that came out of absolutely nowhere and became the darlings. february 14th gary said get out of ulta. that's good research and that's what you want and still be careful, ulta, but he did do a victory lap and i congratulate gary. >> knock them when they're down. >> gary is a very good guy. he identified blockbuster video and gave us 1,000% gain when we were at goldman sachs. >> you made a controversial call and liked air last week. >> raymond james, i was enwrapped to bill miller this morning on squawk. what a great squawk they had and this combination with amr is going to be the game changer and the airlines which have been uninvestable for decades will be investable. this is not the one you downgrade. this is the one you buy and i would use any weakness to buy lcc because it will be amr. >> this will be tough, but america west made an acquisition once in this area. it did go up 50% after the deal closed on a bankrupt airline. i am sticking by this. this is not a trade. this is an investment. >> the dow has hit an all-time closing high for eight straight sessions and the opening bell is co
Mar 20, 2013 9:00am EDT
is now up almost 90% so far this year. gary balter is the analyst. jim, who i know you know well. >> yes. >> i love the note this morning more than anything. >> i mean, he's quoting bob seeger saying i know it's late. i know you're weary. a lot of people have upgraded the stock. >> this is a night move upgrade. >> it is. but we think more of let's make it last, let's find a way. so i was thinking of seger, but this is a company that's still going against the wind. you know what i wind? >> i was going do pete seger who really wanted to date me. he's calling it a frank blake moment. i'd like to say, gary balter when blockbuster video would go to 18 cents and it exceeded 100. the management is pretty horrible and he didn't know how to install a tv. this is a -- look, he had to start coverage and who knows when he would be able to recommend it earlier, but it is a great piece. >> it is a great piece. do you agree the comparison between jolie and frank blake because those are big shoes to fill. frank blake, a doctorate in law. frank blake is generous. there will never be another frank blake.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3